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Here are videos and links for pronunciation of the classical Nahuatl language. The Nahuatl text musicalized in Misa Azteca is taken from a collection of poems recorded in the 16th century and compiled into a manuscript called Cantares Mexicanos (Songs of the Aztecs), which is considered a cornerstone in American Indian literature.
Pronunciation Videos by Dr. Fermin Herrera
III. Gradual
About Dr. Fermin Herrera
Renowned scholar of Mesoamerican studies and expert in the Náhuatl language of Ancient Mexico, Dr. Fermin Herrera is a professor in the Department of Chicana/Chicano Studies at California State University, Northridge. He’s also a master harpist. Fermin leads the group, El Conjunto Hueyapan, which is dedicated to the jarocho music tradition that originated in Veracruz, Mexico.

Nahuatl-English English-Nahuatl Concise Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary) by Dr. Fermin Herrera (Amazon)

Cal State Northridge, College of Humanities

VII. Salve Regina

An Introduction to Nahuatl

Other Resources
Miguel León-Portilla: Cantares Mexicanos (En Español)

Misa Azteca

A Modern, Symphonic Oratorio