Misa Azteca

A Modern, Symphonic Oratorio

I. Kyrie

For your listening pleasure, here’s a recording of a past performance of the Kyrie:
In his bounty, Life Giver fosters friendship. In time the Only God, Life Giver, will show us mercy.
Cantares Mexicanos

Here’s a YouTube where you can hear the Aguila Blanca rhythm from the beginning in tandem with dancing. Enjoy!
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The Kyrie Eleison is the very 1st movement of Misa Azteca, which blends the Aguila Blanca Dance Rhythm with the text of both the Latin Roman High Mass and a poem from the Cantares Mexicanos.

One of the things I discovered upon further research, is that the Aguila Blanca dance is in essence a dance about the battle between the flesh and the spirit, a theme that is remarkably addressed in the prayer of the Kyrie Eleison.

This dance is about the battle between the white eagle and the jaguar, which both externally symbolizes the battle between day and night. On another level, it is described as well as the battle between the flesh and the spirit.